An Essex Police officer who "falsely recorded his involvement at two incidents" has been handed a final written warning.

It was alleged that on three occasions in 2023, whilst completing his training, PC Harry Croot falsely completed his student officer records.

He claimed to have arrested one person which was carried out by another officer.

He also claimed to have completed a vehicle search and interviewed a suspect.

After a review of body worn video and custody records, this was found not to have been the case.

At the hearing held at Essex Police Headquarters, in Chelmsford, on Friday 15 March, Chief Constable Ben-Julian Harrington found the allegations proven and PC Croot was issued a final written warning lasting five years.

Chief Constable Harrington said: “We take great pride in ensuring our student officers not only get the right experience and skills to do the job, but most importantly that they uphold our high standards and our values.

“PC Harry Croot was given a five year final written warning following incorrect and slapdash submission of evidence to his student records. This was not simply an error, but a lack of diligence and accuracy that was very serious.

"To his credit PC Croot admitted his gross misconduct and unlike many others, faced up to his actions from the start showing clear remorse and committing to making up for what he had done.

“I have always said that where people do something wrong they will be accountable, but if they face up to it and it does not undermine their integrity or honesty then there is an opportunity to be allowed to learn, get better and move on as part of the force.”

PC Croot was found to have breached three of the standards of professional behaviour in relation to duties and responsibilities, orders and instructions, and discreditable conduct.