THREE “rude and abusive men” have been slammed for allegedly squaring-up to staff and swearing at a restaurant owner before fleeing without paying their bill.

Dan Garrard, owner of the popular Garrards in Leigh Broadway, has been left furious after the men abused staff and refused to pay at the busy restaurant.

The incident took place on a busy Saturday afternoon when the restaurant was inundated with orders.

Despite struggling for space, the men were found a table, offered free “small bites” while waiting as well as a £20 discount.

However, they then became aggressive.

Mr Garrard said: “We had a good number of bookings but in the afternoon had an unprecedented number of walk-ins compared to our usual.

“This obviously puts pressure on, especially as we cook all our food fresh.

“This particular group of three men, began to complain very early into their meal, continuously asking about their food, but in a rude way.

“Don’t get me wrong, they did wait longer that we would have liked, but not that long, and it was because of the demand.

“We even gave them some small bites to eat while they waited. They then had their food, and as far as we know were happy with it.

“But, upon receiving the bill with a discount also applied, they very rudely and aggressively told my staff they want more. At that point, they got up from their table and stood by the exit. So, I stepped in and went over, again apologising.

“They were aggressive, swearing and shouting foul language. Almost trying to get us to match their aggression and get under our skin.”

Mr Garrard said this is the first time an incident like this has happened in the restaurant’s five and a half years.

He added: “The main reason I wanted to essentially bring this to the public’s awareness, is times are difficult at the moment.

“If you are a reasonable, decent person, you appreciated the goodwill gestures we made.

“I don’t want my staff to think we will allow this. Just as much as I was a victim, I don’t want them to think we will accept this and roll over. I am going to stand up to it. It isn’t something we should have to face.”