YOBS riding bikes anti-socially in large groups - including terrorising pedestrians and doing wheelies in-front of cars - could be hit with fines under tough new measures.

Basildon Council is considering proposals to expand its public space protection order in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour across the borough.

The council already has powers to fine people for public urination and car cruising, as well confiscating alcohol.

However, the council could now extend the order to tackle the “use of bicycles causing anti-social behaviour” across the borough.

Craig Rimmer, councillor responsible for Pitsea South East ward, said: “Some people are using the borough as some sort of bicycle assault course, and not being considerate of others.

“Also, they should be getting off their bikes when in the town centre anyway as it is supposed to pedestrian area.

“We want to encourage people to cycle but using cycle lanes and cycling safety, as it is a form of exercise, but you can’t use it to intimidate residents.”

According to the council report ahead of Tuesday’s meeting, there was a rise in reports of anti-social behaviour last summer linked to large groups of young people on bicycles.

The report states: “These involved large groups of youths riding in a manner that was causing alarm, distress, and harassment in public spaces.

“Several of these individuals have social media videos evidencing large bike gatherings and ‘ride outs’ across the borough.

“The videos demonstrate the scale of the issue and the typical behaviour that is displayed including riding in large groups, on main roads with no consideration to traffic, and often doing wheelies and riding very close to pedestrians in the town.”

It has been proposed to consult with residents to include a new borough-wide prohibition within the PSPO to manage the use of bicycles meaning no one can use a bike in a manner that “causes alarm, harassment, or distress to another person nearby”.

The second variation of the public space protection order is tackling buskers with amplifiers in the town centre which “causing a noise disturbance”.

The report states: “During the summer months there are usually 3 complaints per day during the week, and in the winter/autumn months there are usually between 1-3 per week.”