DRIVERS are facing long delays on the A13 in south Essex today as repair work has started on a sunken main cover.

There is currently heavy traffic in London Road, in Hadleigh, both ways around Ash Road while Essex and Suffolk Water works are taking place Southend-bound. 

The repairs are permitted until Monday, March 25, however, Castle Point MP Rebecca Harris says she has been informed the site is expected to be cleared in time for tomorrow morning's rush hour.

She said: "The A13 is one of a few routes into and out of the borough and a delay that long would be completely intolerable for a relatively straight forward job. I understand however that they have to plan for unforeseen complications.

Echo: Repairs are taking placeRepairs are taking place (Image: Rebecca Harris MP)

"I have spoken to Essex and Suffolk water to make sure they understand the urgency with which these works to be completed and asked for them to be prioritised.

"They have just informed me that they are prioritising the works and now expect to have them completed and the site cleared in time for the morning rush hour tomorrow.

"Please allow extra time if you plan to travel via the A13 in Hadleigh this evening."

AA is reporting an average speed of ten miles per hour.