Come along and experience the sensational Circus Vegas! Visiting Lakeside Shopping Centre, March 27th – April 14th.

An awe-inspiring show bringing a plethora of jaw-dropping moments that defy gravity, question logic and will leave you wide-eyed in pure amazement.

Celebrating 255 years of performances, Circus Vegas is touring the country with an ultimate show merging Las Vegas traditions and contemporary styles with extreme stunts and classic clown escapades, including, show-stopping performances that will have you on the edge of your seat.

You can even grab yourself DISCOUNTED TICKETS to see the show when using PROMO CODE – ACROBAT via the Ticketmaster link at, or by calling the box office on 07494774008 or 07494774009 and quoting ACROBAT.

Echo: Circus VegasFeaturing the most talented dare devil performers from across the Globe witness acts that include –

  • The sensational Veera Kaijanen, from Finland, performing on the Low Wire with a spectacular display of poise and dexterity that is regarded as one of the best Low Wire acts in Europe
  • From Ukraine the incomparable Didyk Troupe on the ‘acrobatic swing’ flying through the air in feats that are hardly believable!
  • The stunt riding team will be performing the Globe of Death. The most death-defying trick ever completed, watch as the group of riders experience G-force similar to that of a fighter pilot, they loop vertically and horizontally all while encased in a mesh sphere
  • From Tanzania the ‘Bellagio Warriors’ will thrill the audience with exciting and lively acrobatic displays that will leave everyone screaming with delight
  • As well as the Hula Hoop, Aerial performers, Daredevils, and Juggling
  • All whilst Edy the Clown, a legendary figure in the circus industry keeps you amused and the circuses troupe dancers dazzle and perform

Echo: Showtimes for Lakeside Shopping Centre, Grays (Next to Vue Cinema)

Wed 27 Mar… 7pm ONLY

Thur 28 Mar… 7pm ONLY

Fri 29 Mar… 2pm & 5pm

Sat 30 Mar… 2pm, 5pm & 7.45pm

Sun 31 Mar… 2pm & 5pm

Mon 01 Apr… 2pm & 5pm

Tues 02 Apr… 3pm & 7.30pm

Wed 03 Apr… 3pm & 7.30pm

Thur 04 Apr… 3pm & 7.30pm

Fri 05 Apr… 3pm & 7.30pm

Sat 06 Apr… 2pm, 5pm & 7.45pm

Sun 07 Apr… 2pm & 5pm

Mon 08 Apr… NO SHOWS

Tues 09 Apr…3pm & 7.30pm

Wed 10 Apr… 3pm & 7.30pm

Thurs 11 Apr… 3pm & 7.30pm

Fri 12 Apr… 3pm & 7.30pm

Sat 13 Apr… 2pm, 5pm & 7.45pm

Sun 14 Apr… 11am & 2pm

The show will run for approximately two hours and be housed in a theatre style Circus Big Top located in Lakeside The Quay.