A “FLASHER” was caught on doorbell CCTV exposing himself outside a woman’s home, leaving the resident terrified.

Essex Police has launched an investigation and the victim has urged residents to remain vigilant after the man was caught exposing himself during broad daylight in Benfleet.

The victim, who has asked to remain anonymous, received a notification on her mobile phone saying someone was at her front door and footage showed a man exposing his private parts.

The woman, 29, has now been left petrified in case the alleged flasher returns and Essex Police has confirmed it is aware of the incident, in the London Road area of Benfleet, on Tuesday afternoon.

The victim also fears this is not an isolated incident and fears the flasher may have targeted the home previously.

The victim’s sister, Amy Williams, 28, said: “She is really scared.

“She was meant to be home alone that day, but decided to go round her friends’.

“He first went down the side gate, couldn’t get in, and so urinated on the side of the house before leaving.

“He then came back 15 minutes, later then left again.

“He then came back ten minutes later again and started exposing himself at the front door.

“Thankfully my sister was at her friends’ house, so no one was home. But she is so scared now.

“My sister is checking through her CCTV for the last couple of weeks now as they don’t believe this is an isolated incident as they have noticed a few times their side gate has been found left open.”

A spokesman for Essex Police added: “Officers are investigating after we received a report of an incident exposure in Benfleet Tuesday afternoon, March 19.

“We are liaising directly with the victim and our enquiries continue.”

Essex Police has also asked residents refrain from speculation on social media whilst they deal with the reports and carry out a full investigation into the incident.