A DISTRESSED woman claims she is unable to sleep and “terrified of bailiffs knocking at her door” over a parking permit dispute with Southend Council. 

Amy Tuttiett, 39, of Westcliff Parade, says she is being chased for a parking fine by Southend Council but insists the fine “wasn’t even her fault”.

After buying a new car, Amy claims she applied to update her permit and provided the council with all relevant information. 

However, she was hit with a fine and is now being bombarded with a series of letters ordering her to pay. 

Southend Council has confirmed it updated the permit “within one week” of receiving documentation, however no permit or temporary permit was in place at the time the fine was issued. 

Amy said: “I’m lying awake at night in tears, wondering if bailiffs are going to knock at my door. I wouldn’t mind if it was my fault, but I didn’t do this. I’m just trying to kick and scream and bring attention to it.”

Echo: Frustrated - Amy with her parking fine.Frustrated - Amy with her parking fine. (Image: Amy Tuttiett)

A complaint has been made over the fine which the council is considering.

Amy insists, had the fine been her fault, she would have paid it. However, she “won’t allow” herself to pay it unjustly, adding: “It makes you feel like you have no voice and nowhere to go. I feel like this happens to other people, who get scared and just pay the fine. It’s not fair.”

Kevin Buck, cabinet member for highways, transport and parking, said: “When any change of permit application is submitted, it is important it includes all supporting information such as proof of ownership to enable a new permit to be issued.

“Unfortunately, if correct ownership details are not originally supplied or follow-up requests from us are not responded to in good time, it can delay the process for us to issue an updated permit.

“In this instance, the new permit was activated on October 4. This was within one week of receiving the relevant proof of ownership documentation.

“The PCN was issued when there was not a valid permit in place for the vehicle concerned. We can see the resident has challenged the PCN and we have responded with the options available. We are also aware a complaint has been made and this will be considered according to our process.”