A BRAND-NEW fast food restaurant has opened in Essex, with a unique offer for each customer.

A new Wendy's eatery has opened its doors on Chelmsford High Street, offering customers a chance to win a prize by spinning a special wheel. 

Echo: Pick up - the collection areaPick up - the collection area (Image: Newsquest)

Prizes include vouchers which can be traded in to get free food items off the menu.

Echo: Deal - The wheel giving out special vouchersDeal - The wheel giving out special vouchers (Image: Newsquest)

The eatery will be open from 8am until 10pm every day. 

The chain re-entered the UK market in 2021 and now has more than 30 restaurants across the country.

Echo: Quality - the dining areaQuality - the dining area (Image: Newsquest)

Its menu is full of fully customisable burgers, nuggets, chips, special frosty drinks and so much more.  

Echo: Delicious - Food in Wendy'sDelicious - Food in Wendy's (Image: Newsquest)

One customer said: "The order I had was Biggie Deal Spicy Chicken burger with chicken nuggets, which was £7.99.

"It was hot and delicious and I would definitely go back. The chips were lovely and crispy, fluffy in the middle and there were plenty of them.

Echo: Burgers - the menuBurgers - the menu (Image: Newsquest)

"The Frosty was like ice cream so came with a wooden spoon, but as it melts you can then have a straw. I also had a Dr Pepper Zero and you can choose four flavours to put in it."

Echo: Decision - Where customers can order their food and view the menuDecision - Where customers can order their food and view the menu (Image: Newsquest)