A COUNCILLOR has joined Southend Muslims in celebrating Ramadan, by fasting with them.

Aston Line, Labour councillor for Westborough, is supporting Muslims commemorating the holy month of Ramadan, which runs from March 10 to April 9.

During Ramadan, practicing Muslims are not permitted to eat or drink during daylight hours. Instead, they wake early, eat plenty, and then consume nothing anything else until after sunset - in a meal called iftar. 

Mr Line said: "Every year, I receive the incredible honour of being invited to break fast with our Muslim community.

Echo: Support - Councillor Aston Line with representatives from Southend's two mosques.Support - Councillor Aston Line with representatives from Southend's two mosques. (Image: Aston Line)

“For the last couple of years, I’ve promised I’d try to participate in their fast, to better understand what Muslims go through.”

Mr Line was invited to Southend Mosque's iftar last Saturday, and Essex Jamme Masjid's iftar last Sunday, so decided to take part over the weekend.

He added: “The whole community was so warm and hospitable. I’ve learned a great deal through this experience.”