Firefighters have tackled a porch blaze in Basildon - caused by embers let in a wheelie bin.

Firefighters were called to the fire in Old Church Hill, in Langdon Hills, Basildon on Saturday at 10.08pm and two crews from Basildon attended.

Firefighters found a fire affecting the porch area of a property.

Watch Manager Rob Fossett said: "The occupant had a fire during the day and left the embers on the ground to let them cool before putting them in a wheelie bin, next to the property.

"Unfortunately they had not fully cooled and reignited, setting fire to the porch.

"Crews removed tiles to make sure the fire was fully extinguished and did not spread along the timbers.

"The incident highlights the importance of making sure embers are completely cooled before disposing of them. It only takes a couple of hot embers to catch alight to anything nearby.

"We'd advise you cool any embers with water before you dispose of the ashes.”

Crews left the scene at 11.18pm.