ANNUAL passes at Colchester Zoo will be increasing in price to combat rising costs.

The popular attraction has announced the prices of its annual passes will be rising from Friday.

Adult passes will be increasing by £2 a year while passes for children and senior citizens will be increasing by £1.50 a year.

The cost of an adult pass will now be £72.50 a year, child passes will be £52, and senior passes will be £62, while customers renewing their passes will continue to benefit from a discount.

The maximum price rise is 2.97 per cent, sitting below the current rate of Consumer Prices Index inflation at 3.4 per cent.

In a statement posted online, the zoo said: “Like everyone, we have been affected by rising operating costs and whilst we have absorbed these as much as possible to reduce the impact on our visitors, we now need to increase prices.


“This is to ensure we can continue to strive towards our mission of providing a first-class experience for visitors and at the same time, further understanding and respect for animals through conservation.

“We hope that you will continue to support our work both here at the zoo and around the globe and thank you for your understanding.”