SOUTHEND’S Sealife Adventure has unveiled its new “under-water metropolis” for sharks endangered in the wild as part of a bid to boost nature conservation.

The zooquarium, in Eastern Esplanade, Southend, has refurbished its Ocean Tank and Tunnel which is home to a number of incredible animals.

Bosses have redeveloped the Ocean Tank and Ocean Tunnel with new theming which is now called “Stranger Tides” and transforming it into an “under-water metropolis”.

Within the tank, are two Zebra Sharks, and four Cownose Rays.

The Zebra Sharks are endangered in the wild and are usually found in shallow coastal reefs.

They are commonly located in tropical western Pacific Oceans, Indian Oceans, and the Red Sea.

Juvenile Zebra Sharks have long, dark stripes along their backs, hence how they get their species name. However, as they mature and grow, they lose their stripes and gain spots.

Bosses at Sealife Adventure are raising awareness around animal conservation.

In a sneak peak video released on Twitter, a member of staff said: “Sadly, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List, Zebra Sharks are actually endangered in the wild.

“So, it is really important that we educate and work on our conservation to help save these gorgeous sharks.

“As well as our huge project, which is the Ocean Tank, we have got so many new things happening at Sealife Adventure.

“As well as the whole theming of this area which is going to be called Stanger Tides, we are also going to be collaborating with a lot of wildlife and conservation charities all around the UK and around the world to raise awareness about these beautiful creatures within this tank and everywhere else on this site.”

Sealife Adventure bosses say residents can help make a difference in conserving Zebra Sharks, by supporting marine protected areas, advocating for sustainable fishing practices, reducing marine pollution, and support organisations dedicated to shark conservation.