“THOUGHTLESS” fly-tipping outside a Rochford primary school’s gates, which caused havoc for parents collecting their children, has been cleared.

Shocked residents awoke this morning to find piles of discarded wood, and old chairs stacked up outside the gates to Ashingdon Primary Academy.

Julie Gooding, councillor for Hawkwell West, said: “It’s shocking that people have been fly tipping by the school gates.

“It caused problems for parents who drop their children off, as the gates were blocked.

"The council swiftly responded to my report, with the support of their contractor Norse, which was sent to help urgently."

Echo: 'Shocking' - rubbish was piled up outside the school gates.'Shocking' - rubbish was piled up outside the school gates. (Image: Julie Gooding)

A spokesman for Ashingdon Primary School added: “It’s disappointing to see such thoughtless behaviour, particularly when we work so hard to make Ashingdon a warm and welcoming environment for our whole school community.

“We spend time with the children talking about the importance of being respectful of our surroundings, which includes things like picking up litter and leaving spaces tidy and as we would hope to find them.

“We have raised the issue of fly-tipping with the council and hope this will prove to be a one-off incident.”

Rochford Council responded "quickly", and the rubbish was cleared by midday.

Residents who spot people fly-tipping have been urged to report them to the council.