A ROAD closure which has caused severe delays in Southend and Rochford is finally expected to end this week, a councillor has revealed.

Sutton Road, near the Purdeys Industrial Estate in Rochford, was closed on March 14 by Anglian Water for emergency repair works to the main sewer under the road.

The roadworks were initially expected to last for ten days, but “further damage” meant the closure was forced to be extended.

Now, Rochford Tory councillor Mike Steptoe has revealed the Anglian Water crews are set to end the closure by Thursday evening.

In pictures shared by Mr Steptoe this morning, workers could be seen beginning to clear the site and finish the wash through.

The roadworks have caused disruption in Rochford and Southend, with reports of residents “unable to get out of their own streets” due to the gridlock in the area.

King Edmund School, in Vaughan Close, Rochford, took the drastic move to push all buses forward by ten minutes and offer free breakfasts for children forced to arrive early, in a bid to avoid chaos being caused for parents.

The Factory Shop owner, Carl Cantor, also expressed frustration at the impact of emergency works being undertaken, with his customers halved over what would normally be a vital period of trade.

However, Mr Steptoe reiterated the urgent works were necessary for the wellbeing of residents.