A YOUNG girl who captured the hearts of the community will fulfil her dream of swimming with dolphins at Disney World after being gifted a free stay in a Florida villa.

Eight-year-old Bobbi Bewley is battling an incurable genetic condition which causes blindness, deafness and breathing difficulties. Tragically, she is unlikely to live past 30.

Bobbi’s family, from Noak Bridge, launched a fundraiser in the hope of raising enough cash to take the youngster to Disney World in Florida and for her to swim with dolphins at the Orlando resort’s Discovery Cove.

The family have now booked a flight to Florida in November after a kind-hearted Wickford couple reached out and offered them an 18-day free stay in their villa.

Alongside the £3,775 in donations, the trip has been fully funded by the community and Bobbi is now eagerly waiting to swim with the dolphins.

Bobbi’s mum, Jodie, said: “We will be staying in Florida in a villa that a Wickford couple have offered us, They also had a child with a genetic issue and they knew how we were feeling and reached out to support us.

“Bobbi is booked in to swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove and she will be able do everything she wishes for. It was mainly about seeing the dolphins for her.

“She is so excited about it and has already started shopping for Disney clothes.”

Despite the positivity, Jodie revealed that Bobbi recently visited a Wolfram’s Disorder specialist in Birmingham and the disease, which she was diagnosed with in November, is already impacting her sight and hearing.

Jodie added: “She has lost some hearing and is now partially sighted. She is still able to see and she is adapting to her eyesight. She cannot see the whiteboard in her classroom, and she needs bigger fonts at school.

“She is also near enough completely colourblind. She started to see purple as blue and now needs her colouring pencils at school labelled.”

Despite the challenges, Jodie thanked the community for their ongoing support, which has only grown as the fundraiser attracted more attention.

“The fundraising has really helped us, and this trip has given us something to look forward too,” Jodie added.

“Before this, it was Wolfram’s taking over her whole life and now we feel less alone. We are so grateful.”

Visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/bobbi-bewley