FAST-FOOD chains tend to lack the personal touch, but a new Mexican on Southend High Street is offering a refreshingly individualised service.

Reporter Ben Shahrabi visited Plan Burrito to check out the new restaurant after it opened last week.

Putting the restaurant’s modern and sleek interior aside, the first thing that grabs your attention is the welcome you receive from staff. Plan Burrito’s new seven-strong team is clearly enthusiastic about their work.

After I ordered a regular Burrito, friendly staff member Stephen Thomas showed great attention to detail, including removing unwanted mushrooms by hand.

A “regular” Burrito will set you back £11, but it is a full meal wrapped in aluminium foil. For even the most experienced of Burrito enjoyers, it will prove a challenge to munch through layers of succulent meat and a plethora of toppings tightly packed-in.

Each mouthful oozes with flavour. Smokey pulled beef brisket, yellow Mexican rice, zesty pinto beans, spicy jalapenos, and the essential guacamole combine in a taste explosion.

As a “unique” addition to the High Street, owner Riju Varghese is keen for new customers to try products before they buy them. Free samples showcase Plan Burrito’s delicious range of meats, vegan chilli, and seasoned vegetables.

But bring a napkin, because there’s no tidy way to enjoy a burrito.