“SELFISH” fly-tippers have dumped “asbestos” and concrete panels on a small piece of green land just metres away from resident’s homes.

Frustrated residents have repeatedly complained about rubbish being dumped at the hotspot in Shaftesbury Avenue, Southend, and claim the latest incident has seen toxic waste including asbestos and a discarded boat.

The land is privately owned and Southend Council has insisted it is attempting to contact the landowner to order the waste is removed as a matter of urgency.

A resident, who asked not to be named, of Shaftesbury Avenue said: “With the greatest respect, it cannot be too difficult to clear this and this toxic waste cannot be left there regardless.

“I was genuinely horrified upon seeing this and I have told the council, it is so disgusting and if it continues getting worse, will it reach a point where it is impossible to avoid?”

Thorpe Bay independent councillor Martin Terry has slammed the actions as “disgusting and selfish” and has called for immediate stronger action to be taken by the council to put an end to the repeated problems.

Mr Terry said: “Why should we have to subsidise the mess and fly-tipping of others?

“The people who fly tipped this are disgusting, and this is so selfish, it needs looking at.

“I believe that residents should get together and sort the issue, this is on the owner of the land toe clear, but the council should enforce it as this is an untidy site.

“Identifying the owner of land like this is a massive challenge however and ironically, if the owner is misidentified or this is blamed on a resident, it will become an absolutely nightmare.

“As a councillor, I want our city to be green and clean and people who do this should ask themselves why they are being dirty neighbours, it is just reprehensible.

“I have been trying to get things cleared and I hope the council will remove the asbestos and other objects there, which include a boat.”