NIGHTMARE neighbours have been banned from their own home after residents complained of “drug dealing” and “intimidating behaviour”.

South Essex Homes, Essex Police and Southend Council were granted a “full closure order” at a Southend Magistrates Court hearing yesterday following complaints about the flat at 96 Barringtons, on Sutton Road.

The ban means nobody, except council or police officials, can enter the flat for the next three months.

Drug use and dealing, along with anti-social behaviour, were reported at the flat inside an adult-only social housing block managed by South Essex Homes. 

Echo: Banned - Barringtons in Sutton Road, Southend.Banned - Barringtons in Sutton Road, Southend. (Image: South Essex Homes)

It was also reported that a “continual stream” of unknown people visited the flat, loitered in communal, intimated residents, and littered drug paraphernalia. 

Daniel Nelson, councillor responsible for health and adult social care, welcomed the ban which followed “extreme nuisance behaviour”.

He said: “Good riddance. They’re not welcome, so they can get lost.

“We don’t accept that sort of behaviour in Southend.

“I hope the other residents of Barringtons can enjoy a better nights’ sleep, knowing their troublesome neighbours have now gone.

Echo: Eviction - Councillor Daniel Nelson says landlords like Southend Council have the ability to remove tenants.Eviction - Councillor Daniel Nelson says landlords like Southend Council have the ability to remove tenants. (Image: Southend Council)

“We don’t tolerate drug-taking or intimidating behaviour at Southend Council, and I hope no other landlords do either.”

The ordeal prompted complaints to both Essex Police and South Essex Homes.

Mr Nelson added: “The council has a duty to house people. But if they’re doing drugs, we have to do what is in the interests of the greater good.

“We do have the power to evict people.”

Sarah Lander, director of housing operations at South Essex Homes, said: “Working with Essex Police and other partner agencies, we use a variety of methods to tackle the inappropriate use of properties and ongoing incidents of anti-social behaviour that cause a menace in our communities.

“This closure order has been secured to help us put a stop to anti-social behaviour that was emanating from this property, impacting on residents’ wellbeing and community safety.

“We will monitor activity at the address and would urge local residents to report any breaches of the closure order by contacting Essex Police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.”