THE legendary offshore station Radio Caroline is celebrating its 60th anniversary today.

And marking the occasion will be a special three-day broadcast from pirate radio ship Ross Revenge on the Blackwater Estuary.

Radio Caroline made its first unauthorised broadcast from a pirate radio ship off the coast of Essex on March 28, 1964.

Echo: Flashback - An older picture of Ross RevengeFlashback - An older picture of Ross Revenge (Image: Radio Caroline)

It became the backdrop for changes in fashion, lifestyle and youth culture which created ‘Swinging England’ and the 1967 ‘Summer of Love’.

The station also launched the careers of well-known broadcasters including Tony Blackburn, Johnnie Walker, Simon Dee, Tony Prince, Keith Skues, Robbie Dale, Emperor Rosko, Andy Archer, Paul McKenna and Ray Clark.

Echo: Presenters - Peter Philips and Johnny Lewis in one of the cabinsPresenters - Peter Philips and Johnny Lewis in one of the cabins (Image: Pete Crisp)

The celebratory broadcast will feature recorded messages from artists who credit their success to exposure on Radio Caroline.

The famous list includes The Kinks, Status Quo, Saxon, Chris De Burgh and Nils Lofgren.

Echo: Vessel - Ross Revenge on the River BlackwaterVessel - Ross Revenge on the River Blackwater (Image: Colm O'Laoi)

Meanwhile, more than 100 people will visit the Ross Revenge during the three-day broadcast from Good Friday, March 29, to Easter Sunday, March 30, and meet presenters.

The ship, a 200ft former deep sea fishing trawler and the last of its kind afloat, has been home to Radio Caroline since the early 1980s after predecessor the Mi Amigo sank off the coast of Frinton in a gale.

Echo: Backdrop - Looking out to the distanceBackdrop - Looking out to the distance (Image: Radio Caroline)

Radio Caroline station manager Peter Moore said: “The broadcast promises a journey through the station’s turbulent and often dramatic history, with classic tunes from the past six decades, memorable moments and interviews with key figures who shaped the station’s legacy.

“We will be celebrating the nostalgia of the past 60 years and look forward to an exciting future as we continue to expand our broadcast operations.”

Echo: DJ - Radio Caroline presenter Josh Holmes-BrightDJ - Radio Caroline presenter Josh Holmes-Bright (Image: Radio Caroline)

The anniversary will also highlight a Crowdfunder campaign by charity Ross Revenge which is raising funds to send the 64-yearold vessel for a major shipyard overhaul.

Radio Caroline broadcasts worldwide online, across England and northern Europe on 648AM, on DAB and on Freeview Channel 277.

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