Essex Police says it will crackdown on ‘antisocial’ behaviour ahead of expected car meets in Southend on Monday. 

It comes as police were called to the seafront on Saturday night after reports of a number of vehicles gathering. 

A car meet-up was held close to Marine Parade, in Southend, and members of Essex Police were sent to investigate.

Whilst officers were dispatched to the area, Essex Police liaised with CCTV operators at Southend Council.

Upon arriving at the scene shortly before 9pm, multiple cars and motorbikes were present, with some being driven antisocially.

Echo: Crowd - a previous car meet in SouthendCrowd - a previous car meet in Southend (Image: Southend Council)

Essex Police acting Chief Inspector Danny Barnes said: “Officers remained at the scene throughout the late evening until the drivers and riders had left the area.

“Whilst we were at the scene, officers spent time gathering evidence and a number of offences were identified as having taken place and the perpetrators of these will be dealt with appropriately.”

Throughout Saturday evening, Essex Police said it dealt with a “high number of emergencies across the Southend district”

Echo: Road - a street view image which shows a section of Marine Parade in SouthendRoad - a street view image which shows a section of Marine Parade in Southend (Image: Google Maps)

Any member of the public visiting the city centre throughout the remainder of the bank holiday is advised to enjoy themselves but not do anything to yourself or others in danger.

Acting Chief Insp Barnes also confirmed multiple car meets are expected on Easter Monday.

He said: “We are aware of two gatherings, which have not been officially organised but are planned to take place in the city on Easter Monday, 1 April.

“In response, Southend Council has made arrangements to direct anyone on a motorbike to the Eastern Esplanade car park, formerly known as the Gas Works.

Echo: Vehicle - an Essex Police carVehicle - an Essex Police car (Image: N/A)

“We are also aware that an unrelated car cruise event may be taking place in the same area on Monday evening.

“Both of these gatherings will be monitored, and anyone suspected of acting or driving illegally or antisocially will be dealt with.”

Any individual who witnesses any crime or antisocial behaviour should report it to Essex Police by calling 101 or submitting an online report.

To find out more about Essex Police’s reporting services, head to

In an emergency you should always dial 999.