A HARD-hitting educational film warning children of the dangers of “online challenges” will be filmed within weeks before it is rolled out to more than 4,000 schools across the country.

Lisa Kenevan, from Basildon, and Hollie Dance, from Southend, have reached an agreement for their internet safety film to be shown in schools from September following the tragic death of both their sons.

Lisa’s son, Isaac, was just 13 when he passed away after taking part in the online “choke challenge” while Hollie’s son, Archie, was 12-years-old when he died after a “prank or experiment” which went wrong.

The mums have been working with internet safety group “Internet Matters” producing a video featuring the sad stories of their children and revealed it will be filmed this month.

Once complete, the “hard-hitting and punchy” film will be sent to thousands of schools in August ahead of children returning to school in September when it will be shown to parents and pupils.

Both Lisa and Hollie hope their campaign will “stop any more children losing their life” due to dangerous online challenges.

Ms Kenevan said: “We want to get our message about internet safety as far out there as possible. Internet Matters have worked with us on this, and we have the concept down, which we believe is effective and powerful.

“We want parents to think ‘my goodness’. It doesn’t matter how well they have raised their children or how much they have kept an eye on them because online criminality is absolutely shocking.”

“Anyone who is vulnerable may go down a hole they find very difficult to leave again.”

Lisa and Hollie recently attended an outreach programme in Brescia, Italy, to take their “parent awareness campaign” international and pilot what their future talks will be like.

Ms Kenevan said the visit had exposed them to the scale of the issue, where she was told children as young as eight are being exposed to graphic violence online.

“We will be hitting schools in south Essex and then moving onto other schools across the country,” she added.

“We understand parents may be busy and timing isn’t on our side, but it is so important they know the dangers their children could face online.”