Three people have been arrested and four bikes were seized by police during an Easter Monday unofficial Southend Shakedown.

Two people were arrested on suspicion of drugs offences, while there was also a drink driving arrest. Two motorbikes and two quadbikes were also seized because they were being ridden anti-socially.

Despite these arrests and seizures, the gathering was praised by visitors and bikers for its atmosphere with attendees "getting along and enjoying themselves" respectfully.

Echo: A quadbike seized by policeA quadbike seized by police (Image: Essex Police)

Chief Inspector Richard Baxter said: “It has been a really busy day along the seafront as people enjoy the good weather and people attended the motorbike gathering.

“I’m pleased that the vast majority of those who attended did so in a respectful and law abiding way and I want to thank everyone who did so.

“Southend is a frequent destination for motorbike and car enthusiasts, the vast majority of whom add to the atmosphere of the city.

“However, there were a minority who acted anti-socially, including riding along the pavement, and it is only right that we have taken action.

“We have worked with Southend Council to ensure everyone’s safety and we will always act when someone puts that at risk.”