A TRENDY south Essex seaside town has been named the most affordable for London commuters.

Previously branded "Southend's trendier sister" by the Muddy Stilettos, Leigh has been revealed as the most affordable London commuter town in a new study by short-stay accommodation experts Nezt.

The study ranked 105 popular commuting towns by average cost of rent and the price of a commute.

With 2023 seeing a record rise in London rents, with an increase of 7 per cent, many renters are now being forced out of London. 

In Leigh, the average rent costs £931 per month, while the price of an average weekly commute is £200.

The total average monthly cost of rent and commute, therefore, is £1,131. 

The south of the county is lucky to be home to more than one affordable commuter town, as Grays, Tilbury and Purfleet were all ranked in the 10 list.

The top 10 most affordable London commuting towns 

Average rent and train travel combined

  1. Leigh - 1,131
  2. Ashford - 1137.72
  3. Luton - 1,176
  4. Grays - 1,210
  5. Tilbury - 1,210
  6. Purfleet - 1,214
  7. Stevenage - 1,259
  8. Foxton - 1,262
  9. Bedford - 1263.08
  10. Rochester - 1,268

Leigh's array of independent businesses, coupled with Old Town history, beaches and beautiful Estuary views, has made it popular with relocating Londoners over recent years.

Crowning the town one of the best places to live for 2024, Muddy Stilletos previously said of Leigh: "Coffee houses, trendy bars and a sandy shoreline lined by characterful cockle sheds. Meet Leigh-on-Sea; Southend’s smaller, trendier sister.

"Thanks to a steady stream of relocating Londoners, it blends small-town-seaside charm with hip hospitality offerings. There’s even an artisan vegan-friendly gelato house, which doesn’t come more ‘Shoreditch of Essex’ than that."