An Essex MP has spoken about his work serving the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Mark Francois, who spoke at a recent lunch at the Caledonian Club in Belgravia, focused on his service as the vice chamberlain of Her Majesty's household. His responsibilities included acting as the late Queen's messenger to Parliament.

As such, he was “held hostage” twice at Buckingham Palace during the State Opening of Parliament—a custom stretching back centuries.

Mr Francois was invited to address the club's members by Hilton Brown, a long-term resident of Rayleigh and also the president of Mark's local Conservative Association. His talk centred around his 22-year tenure as an MP in the House of Commons, paying particular attention to his time as vice chamberlain.

Reflecting on his experience, Mr Francois said: “As an Essex MP, it was a pleasure to address a group of Scotsmen about the Union of the United Kingdom and my service to our late Queen Elizabeth.

"It was a privilege working for her late Majesty and I hope the members of Club enjoyed hearing about some of it.”

His talk at the club—often referred to as a “home from home” by Scots living in London—unveiled a cross-section of his life in politics.