Street rangers have recovered more than £70,000 worth of goods in Southend and dealt with more than 3,500 public inquiries over the past year.

Southend City Business Improvement District (BID) marked the completion of its first year in a fresh five-year term.

A robust Christmas campaign, new events and trails, and work by its street rangers accounted for the year's highlights.

The BID chair, George Bejko-Cowlbeck, who is also a business operator within the BID Zone, said: "We have been delivering our business plan objectives and are delighted with our results.

"Along with all the other BID businesses involved in decision-making, we know what the issues are and what’s needed to make a difference."

The BID's street rangers recovered £70,000 worth of goods during the past 12 months while also handling over 3,500 public inquiries and 100 first-aid responses.

Additionally, the 2023 Christmas event and shopping campaign brought thousands of visitors to the city centre.

The levy-funded programme which garners around £300k of dedicated investment is backed by 281 businesses in the BID Zone.