PARTS of more than £1million worth of stolen high-value cars have been recovered after specialist Essex Police officers seized four containers destined for the Middle East.

Yesterday, the force's stolen vehicle intelligence unit examined the remaining two of four containers seized last week.

Echo: How the containers were foundHow the containers were found (Image: Essex Police)

Officers had developed intelligence as to where stolen Toyota and Lexus vehicles were going, following a rise in thefts across the county, which led them to seize the containers.

Overall, 40 cut front ends and parts of Toyota, Jaguar and Lexus vehicles were found in the four containers with a total value of more than £1 million.

Echo: The cars were stripped of their partsThe cars were stripped of their parts (Image: Essex Police)

All were stolen from Essex, London, and Hertfordshire areas.

Offices from the unit said the cars had been stripped of their parts, before the rear of the shells would be lost. 

Echo: The vehicles were destined for the Middle EastThe vehicles were destined for the Middle East (Image: Essex Police)

A spokesman added: "Great work by our authorised recovery agents who worked on emptying and sorting through these remains with us - thank you LJ Transportation."

Essex Police has been contacted for further information, including the location where the containers were intercepted.