A NEW mini-golf business in the Eastgate Shopping Centre is re-branding and bidding to start selling booze so customers can enjoy a “pint and a punt”.

The business originally opened as Destination Golf in December and despite proving popular during the school holidays, owner Luke Tyler admits business has been tough.

In a bid to reach a wider audience and appeal to adults as well, the business is now rebranding as “Glo-Bar & Golf” and has applied for an alcohol licence from Basildon Council.

As well as constructing a bar, Luke is repainting the golf-course in bright, glow-in-the-dark paint and adding florescent lighting.

Echo: Revamp - The course being repaintedRevamp - The course being repainted (Image: Luke Tyler)

While the dinosaurs are staying, Luke is hoping to model the new Destination Golf on Globalls in Brighton, a similar mini-golf and cocktail venue that he feels is missing in Basildon.

Mr Tyler said: “The reviews for the golf are fantastic, but we have not been hitting the numbers we are looking to redevelop the course.

“We are going for a hip-hop feel, the dinosaurs are staying but we are trying to step away from the reputation as a ‘dinosaur place’.

The café will be overhauled, you can still get tea and coffee but also pale ales, cider and beers too.

“A 25-year-old couple could come down, play some crazy golf, and get a can of beer while they go round the course, which is not changing.

“We are adding glow patterns to the walls, we have UV lighting everywhere, but we are going for that different feel, music and a later closing time of 8pm, though this is still getting sorted.”

The work is looking to be completed by the end of next week, with the course remaining open all through the renovations for anyone looking to play some golf over the weekend.

Mr Tyler added that he has kept hearing from people at visiting that “nothing happens in Basildon” and is aiming to address that by making the new Destination Golf have a “relaxed environment to hangout.”

“We are trying to add a little arcade area, a little lounge area and few machines, maybe even a pool table as well.

“We will be remaining open while still building, it is a work in progress and people may come across the half-finished UV area, we must stay open however.”

“It’s incredibly exciting.”