Essex has been hit by wet and windy conditions this week after a "mini heatwave" at the weekend.

However, weather experts say after what feels like weeks of wind and rain, there is "some good news on the horizon".

This comes as experts have revealed the UK could see its first heatwave of the year hit as soon as mid-May.

As the weekend kicks off many residents will be wondering; will it continue to rain?

Here's the forecast for south Essex

According to the Met Office, high pressure becomes increasingly dominant over the weekend, bringing dry and more settled conditions for many.

The south of the county will stay dry on Saturday, with sunny spells for most before becoming a little more cloudy later in the day.

Unfortunately, it will not feel much warmer with a maximum temperature of 11C forecast.

Sunny spells possible are possible on Sunday, however, most of Essex will be cloudy and overcast in places with temperatures near or below average.

Thankfully, it is not expected to rain all weekend.

Met Office deputy chief meteorologist Mark Sidaway said: “Don’t expect a heatwave. Temperatures will be close, or a little above average but feeling warm in the sunshine and light winds. 

“The high will also bring with it a good deal of dry weather for most of the country, although some northern and perhaps eastern areas will see a little rain at times.”