SEVEN “ugly” bike shelters are being installed across Southend, leaving councillors and residents baffled as they begin to crop up.

A bemused resident took to Facebook to query “who was responsible for the absolute carbuncle of a shed” on Chalkwell seafront, while Stephen Aylen, non-aligned councillor, has branded them “ugly and out of place”.

Southend Council has confirmed that the seven bicycle parking sheltered are being installed on East Beach, in Shoebury Common, Marine Parade, Chalkwell Esplanade, Chalkwell Park, Priory Park and Belfairs Park.

The shelters are funded by the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund and have been installed under permitted development so planning permission was not required.

Mr Aylen is also furious with the shelter at Belfairs Park as he claimed it has been put in the place where four new parking spaces were promised.

He said: “We have had five meetings to discuss parking for the shops. One of the solutions we came up with to increase parking was to add four parking spaces, on already existing hand standing ground in Belfairs Park.

“Now there is a cycle rack gone on it. This should be removed. This was not the agreement. It was agreed to become parking.

“Why they put it here we do not know. They don’t need planning permission which boggles the mind as other cycle places usually need planning permission.

“They have put this secure ugly cycle storage unit. Also, the colours, why bright colours? Why not colour to blend in with surrounding?”

Residents on social media also slammed the shelters, claiming the one on Chalkwell seafront “blocked the view and ruins the atmosphere”.

Mr Aylen added: “Who will use them? How will you use them? There are no details. It is like they have just been chucked around without any thought about the design, location, or anything. It is just silly. I want this one in Belfairs to removed, and I will get it pushed to get it removed.”