A GAMBLING company has named an Essex seaside town as one of the most obsessed with gambling in the UK.

Online casino site Playcasino.com has analysed Google Keyword Planner data searching for words associated with gambling over the past 12 months.

Terms such as ‘gambling’, ‘gambling tips’ and ‘online gambling’ were combined with each location in the UK and weighted against the population to determine which city or town is most interested in gambling.

Clacton came in at sixth place with a total total of 7,434 monthly searches per 100k people.

With a population of 67,384, the seaside town makes the top 10 most interested in gambling out of the 184 places tested. 

The gambling capital of the UK turned out to be Hartlepool, with a total of 8,647 monthly searches per 100K.

Based in County Durham, Hartlepool’s population of 34,211 has shown the most interest in gambling more than anyone else in the UK.

A spokesperson from playcasino.com said: “People gamble for many different reasons, such as to alleviate stress, take their mind off other things, or feel a sense of euphoria, especially when achieving a big win.

“The locations most interested are those living by the seaside or in coastal areas, likely due to the number of amusements and casinos available in coastal cities that are attractive to locals and tourists."