LOVELY pups being cared for by the Dogs Trust rehoming centre in Basildon are looking for their forever homes.

Theodore, a Border Collie

Echo: TheodoreTheodore (Image: Dogs Trust Basildon)

Theodore is a very energetic 6-year-old pooch who is looking for a special home where he can live his life to the fullest.

The Border Collie would need a home willing to take him on lots of walks, with children over the ages of 14 and which would not have very many visitors as he is wary when meeting new people.

Theodore plays well with other dogs so can live in a home that already has dogs, depending on a successful dog mix in the centre.

Dogs Trust Basildon says he is ideal for somebody who is home majority of the day, but can be left up to four hours once his confidence has been built up.

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Ritz, a Westie

Echo: RitzRitz (Image: Dogs Trust Basildon)

Ritz is a 7-year-old West Highland White Terrier - commonly known as a Westie - who came to Dogs Trust Basildon due to no fault of his own. 

He must live in a quiet adult only home, but can live with other dogs and cats who are calm natured.

A home with plenty of patience, guidance and love to build his confidence in his new surroundings is a must.

The Westie doesn’t have much experience with being left at home on his own so he will be ideal for somebody who is home majority of the day. He also needs to be in a home which does not welcome many visitors as he can also be wary of strangers.

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Deefa, a Labrador

Echo: DeefaDeefa (Image: Dogs Trust Basildon)Deefa is a four-year-old Labrador Retriever who came to Dogs Trust Basildon due to a change in working hours. Leaving hours at his new home will need to be built up slowly over time due to him showing separation anxiety and being vocal when left alone.

The pup is a whirlwind of energy seeking an active home who can channel all of his energy, ideally an adult-only home with no children due to his bouncy nature.

Deefa is very strong on the lead and will need ongoing loose lead training in his new home. This super smart boy will also need all his basic training continued in his new home.

He could live with another dog of similar size after a successful dog introduction at the rehoming centre.

The Labrador is booked in for x-rays to check his joints and may come with ongoing medical in the future.

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Dotty, a Lurcher

Echo: DottyDotty (Image: Dogs Trust Basildon)

Beautiful and sweet-natured 11-year-old Dotty is seeking a forever home with a private and secure garden to explore in.

This lovely girl is currently with one of the rehoming centre's lovely foster families, where she loves nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa and watching the TV.

Being a lurcher she loves fluffy toys to chase and carry around. While she can be shy on first meeting new people, Dotty soon gains confidence and loves a cuddle. 

The Lurcher can live with dog-savvy children over the age of 11 who can give her space when she wants time alone.

However, she must be the only dog in the home and cannot live with cats or other small pets.

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