A nurse left unable to eat after a dentist extracted nearly all her teeth says she's had to retire early due to suspected malnutrition.

Annette Aldridge, 55, went to the dentist with a loose tooth and was shocked when she was told her all her teeth would be needed to be taken out due to infection.

The soon to be retired dermatology nurse was given dentures - but said they don't fit in her mouth and keep falling out.

Four months after she had nearly all her teeth removed, she lost two stone because she's barely able to eat, and is being investigated for malnutrition, she said.

She has just one molar and two front teeth and has taken early retirement due to sheer exhaustion.

Echo: 'Cannot function' - Annette Aldridge'Cannot function' - Annette Aldridge (Image: SWNS)

Annette from Epping, in Essex, said: "As a nurse I cannot function. I can't eat during the day as I would have to take my teeth out.

"I can eat at night but I go to bed thinking that this is no life.

"In March I handed my notice in, as much as I don't want to give up I can't carry on."

Annette said she has always been "petrified" of the dentist but went for a loose tooth in July 2022.

The dentist said she would have to take all the teeth out as they were infected, she claims.

Annette said: "I had built up a rapport with this dentist and I really trusted her.

"She said how she was going to take all my teeth out and replace them with teeth like a gum shield."

14 weeks after her first set, Annette went back to her dentist practice because the dentures did not align with her gums and kept falling out.

Annette said: "The dentist who fitted them had left.

"I had a new dentist who said I would have never been suitable for this denture.

"They gave me a new set that didn't stay in my mouth - I couldn't even eat with them."

Annette went back to her dentist again and they gave her another set.

Each costs Annette £300.

She said: "I can't see that anything will work. I need to get implants but I can't afford them.

"I am living on bread and eggs. I have found as long as I cut things up I can put it in my mouth as if it was a pill and swallow.

"There is nothing I can chew."

As well as frequent dentist visits, Annette has been going to the doctors with exhaustion.

She said: "Five months in and I was absolutely exhausted. I thought 'I cannot carry on this way'."

Annette has another dentist appointment in May.

She said: "I will tell him that these still don't fit and ask what he is going to do.

"I don't think anything will work.

"I am so tired, I am exhausted all the time, and that is not me.

"37 years as a nurse, I was expecting to hit my 40 year anniversary but I won't now."

The NHS Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB), said: "We can’t comment on an individual’s experience but we would encourage them to contact our patient experience team at the ICB directly so that we can look into their concerns."

"If anyone has questions or feedback about dental services, or if you do not think you are getting the dental treatment you need you can contact the Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB) patient feedback team at hweicbwe.patientfeedback@nhs.net"