AN infamous Essex roundabout has been dubbed one of the scariest in the UK.

In a TikTok video from user GeoJunkie, the Colchester's North Station Roundabout was ranked fifth in a top five list.

The video, which has been viewed more than two million times, also named Staples Corner Roundabout, the Crooked Billet Roundabout and Redbridge Roundabout on the round-up.

Topping the list was Swindon’s “magic roundabout” which, like Colchester’s Greenstead Roundabout, is constructed of five mini roundabouts.

@geojunkie Scariest roundabouts in the uk. Here are the top 5 scariest roundabouts in the uk. #driving #roundabout #uk #fyp #roads ♬ original sound - GeoJunkie

North Station Roundabout’s confusing nature has been questioned many times previously, with drivers having been caught driving the wrong way around it on a number of occasions.

The roundabout has been subject to debate for some time and has made the headlines in the national press.

The Sun referred to the site as a “monster”, dubbing it the UK’s most confusing roundabout.

Some Gazette readers, however, disputed these claims.

Carol Bullard said: “If you can't navigate this basic level of driving how do you have a licence in the first place? 

“Scary to think that this should even be a problem to anyone deemed to fit to drive.”

Other readers agreed the site was confusing.

Jus Carrol said the roundabout is “totally awful in terms of layout in every respect”.

“It is a monster and I hate having to circumnavigate the bloody thing”, added Mary Adams.