AND there we have it. A cherished part of Southend seafront’s heritage is going...but it has also evoked some treasured memories.

The Helter Skelter at Adventure Island (or Peter Pan’s depending on how old you are) is being dismantled.

Echo: Going - the helter skelter in September 1986Going - the helter skelter in September 1986 (Image: Newsquest)

The landmark has been a seafront staple for decades and has been a wonderful reminder of fun-filled days at the theme park.

As these amazing pictures from our archives show, the theme park - which is consistently rated as one of the best in the country - has adapted over the years. Who remembers Barracuda?

Echo: Barracuda - happy memories from March 1996Barracuda - happy memories from March 1996 (Image: Newsquest)

Many will remember that...and the dodgems and many other rides which shaped our family lives.

But things change.

The new Vertigo drop tower, worth £1m, is coming soon and comes soon after the striking City Wheel, another huge investment.

Echo: Early roller-coaster - Peter Pan’s in June 1986Early roller-coaster - Peter Pan’s in June 1986 (Image: Newsquest)

The loss of the Helter Skelter has prompted wonderful memories from many on the Echo’s Facebook page.

Echo: Success - June Miller in March 1984Success - June Miller in March 1984 (Image: Newsquest)

Zoe Clark said: “That is a shame. My son will be upset. I don’t know a child that didn’t love it.

“Parents were the ones who hated it.”

Echo: Brilliant time - Peter Pan’s in June 1986Brilliant time - Peter Pan’s in June 1986 (Image: Newsquest)

Becky Blackmore joked: “Thank god for that. I am sick of going up them stairs to rise this with my twins.”

Sally Ive wrote: “I am sure there is still some skin from my elbows on there somewhere. Great memories.”

Echo: Dodgems - Philip Miller, Adventure Island ownerDodgems - Philip Miller, Adventure Island owner (Image: Adventure Island)

Christie Crystal said: “Very sad but happy to see it go. Memories when I was a child going down it, and now watching my children on it, but the painful end of how slow they come down, it won’t be missed.”

Echo: Investment - the water chute at Peter Pan’s in March 1996Investment - the water chute at Peter Pan’s in March 1996 (Image: Newsquest)

Lesley Anne Boulton wrote: “Nooooo. I have great memories of the burns on my legs. It is iconic. It needs to stay.”

Carmel O’Callaghan King said: “I grew up here and spent many happy days at what we called Peter Pan’s Playground. The Helter Skelter was hugely popular, and I remember climbing the stairs inside taking ages to get to the top because of the queue. Sad to see it go, end of an era.”

Echo: Spaceman - attraction gets a lick of paint in 1985Spaceman - attraction gets a lick of paint in 1985 (Image: Newsquest)

Maria Purkiss added: “My daughter will be so disappointed. She is only four and we haven’t taken her to Adventure Island yet, but every time we drive past, she points out the Helter Skelter with excitement.

“Such a shame as it is such a simple and nostalgic attraction.”