A WARNING has been sent after fox cubs now being cared for in south Essex got stuck in ‘dangerous’ netting.

The RSPCA has warned Londoners to get rid of 'dangerous' netting after a number of incidents involving animals.

The animal welfare charity says it regularly rescues both wild and domestic animals tangled up in netting across the capital.

In Ealing, west London, a fox cub sadly died after becoming trapped in old pigeon netting by its neck earlier this month.

RSPCA officers were called a further two times to the same location to rescue other fox cubs similarly tied up, which are now recuperating at the South Essex Wildlife Hospital in Grays.

The animal welfare charity is now calling on Londoners to replace any garden netting with a solid meshed material instead.

Animal rescue officer Jade Guthrie said: "Netted fencing and netting used for gardening or in sport can be really dangerous for animals.

“We would urge those using netting for sports to remove and store all nets after their game and put any discarded or old netting safely in a bin.

"Any garden netting, such as pond netting, should be replaced with solid metal mesh."

To mark its 200th anniversary, the RSPCA has launched a new For Every Kind campaign, urging people to care about the lives of every animal and carry out one million acts of kindness.