A nursery is celebrating 25 years of providing education to children in Leigh.

Darlinghurst Academy has steadily grown in popularity among families, underlining its continued provision for the community.

One former pupil, Rebecca Davis, who started at the nursery when she was four years old in the 1998/99 academic year, is now a nursery admissions officer.

Echo: Progress - 25 years of providing educationProgress - 25 years of providing education (Image: Darlinghurst Academy)

She provides spaces for new nursery starters, including applications for infants as young as eight weeks.

Miss Davis said: “It feels surreal to go from being a nursery pupil to now being the nursery admissions officer and having a tiny part in the start of so many different family’s time with us at Darlinghurst Academy.

“To this day I still remember nursery.

Echo: Amazing - Pupils enjoy a wealth of opportunities at DarlinghurstAmazing - Pupils enjoy a wealth of opportunities at Darlinghurst (Image: Darlinghurst Academy)

“During my time at Darlinghurst, I had teachers and LSAs who are now my colleagues such as Mrs Farnell, Mrs Jones and Mrs Grant.

“Darlinghurst definitely is a family school. I even had Mrs Powell’s (assistant principal) mother, Mrs Chatterton, as a teacher.”

Echo: Development - The Darlinghurst Academy Development - The Darlinghurst Academy (Image: Darlinghurst Academy)

The nursery organised an open evening on April 30, sharing ‘then and now’ photographs and stories.

Early years lead, Miss Wise, runs ‘Tiny Tiddlers’ weekly sessions for pre-schoolers with their parents or guardians.

Echo: 25 years - Fun opportunities at Darlinghurst Academy25 years - Fun opportunities at Darlinghurst Academy (Image: Darlinghurst Academy)

One parent said: “We love being part of this wonderful group and playful environment.

“It is wonderful to be able to get to know the school better, which will help my son to settle in nursery when he starts.”

Parental satisfaction has been a key aspect of Darlinghurst’s success.

Echo: Learning - A pupil doing some colouringLearning - A pupil doing some colouring (Image: Darlinghurst Academy)

Many parents shared their gratitude and appreciation for the Academy, highlighting the dedicated teachers, the excellent facilities, the individual focus on children, and the feeling of an extended family.

One parent noted that the nursery kids are permitted to revel in messy play, enjoying sand, water, mud, paint, and gardening.

Echo: Happy - Great facilities for pupilsHappy - Great facilities for pupils (Image: Darlinghurst Academy)

She added: “The team really care about the kids, and get to know them all.

“My son’s teacher knows his interests, his pet peeves, and who his favourite superhero is.”