FURIOUS homeowners say an alleyway connecting an estate to a school has been left impassable after “mountains of rubbish” were dumped.

Black bin rubbish, electronics such as toasters and microwaves and broken, rotting wood have all been dumped in Ingaways, in Basildon.

The alleyway is used daily by youngsters and their families trying to get to Lee Chapel primary school.

The pathway has now become almost completely blocked by the towering black bin waste.

Residents of Lee Chapel nowfear the waste will create a “nest for vermin” if it is not cleared.

Jackie Campbell, 64, walks through the Ingaway frequently alongside her son has reported the built up of waste but says nothing has changed.

She said: “It is an absolute disgrace really, we have to pay for the bin service and the bin men can’t even collect this waste, its spilling out and piled up.

“It’s useless and on a windy day, you are trying to avoid the bins blowing away and the waste blowing out of the piled up sacks, there must be around 30 of them blocking the alleyway.

“Whoever is responsible has not respect for the environment, there could be absolutely anything in these bins and I would have no idea.”

Ms Campbell added that she “takes pride in the area” but says it is making the town “feel like a slum.”

She said: “It is a real dumping ground and when you look at it, there is microwaves, wood and whatever is in the bins.

“It is accumulating and the people living near it will have to deal with vermin if they aren’t already dealing with them because of this.

“It is fly-tipping simply, but more hidden and it is getting passed up as a result of it not being on a main road, it does feel like Basildon is deteriorating and whoever has dumped this is making Basildon feel like a slum, there is absolutely no respect.”

Ms Campbell added that the Ingaway has become increasingly difficult to walk down at night as well, on account of the bins piling up.

Basildon Council was contacted for comment.