YOUNG Scouts on a scavenger hunt were targeted by yobs on e-scooters who took shots at them with modified air rifles.

The attack happened in Rayleigh as the 1st Rayleigh Scout group was out and about on activities in the town.

The Echo understands the children were followed by youths on e-scooters who intimidated them and shot at them with a modified CO2-filled gun.

The Scouts’ group said luckily no one was seriously injured.

A spokesman added: “We are currently working with the family of the young people who were taking part in the activity to offer them reassurance.”

Rayleigh town councillor, Danielle Belton - who is also new Tory leader at Rochford District Council - has slammed the attack and called for more funding and support for youth services to curb antisocial behaviour.

She said: “This exact kind of antisocial behaviour is something we are trying to crack down on and it is why the town council has funded youth services around the town, to try and stop this behaviour and to prevent it and intercept it.

“The town council has been funding Essex Youth Service for years and they spend time in problem areas, such as St George’s Field and there is also the youth council which has just started a youth club in the FitzWimarc School.”

Mrs Belton added the police community team is also determined to stamp out antisocial behaviour by increasing patrols and speaking directly to young people.

She added: “The best way to sort this out is to engage with youths early on.

“The Kaos Phab Youth Club go into the schools for instance and then the kids can grow up with the club, they have a great set of values.

“I have also been trying to get new youth clubs set up, if we can get children in at nine or ten, then you can give them something to do that keeps them off the streets.”

The incident has not yet been reported to the police.