A FURIOUS resident has described his “utter shock” after returning home from work to find his car had been written off in an early morning smash.

Brian Underhill, who lives in Thames Drive, Leigh, is facing a hefty bill after the his car was crashed into while it was parked outside his home.

The 57-year-old returned from work to find the car, with a crumpled rear bumper and smashed windows, in the middle of the road.

It is believed that a car smashed into his Vauxhall Corsa at speed before fleeing the scene.

Mr Underhill is now appealing for any witnesses or anyone with dashcam footage to come forward as a matter or urgency.

Due to the crash, Mr Underhill has been left without a car, has been forced to rely on lifts from relatives and fears that the longer it takes to get answers, the more likely he will “be blamed for something that isn’t my fault”.

Mr Underhill said: “I had come home looking for my car as I often get the train back from work, and saw the wreck.

“There were no cameras to capture it in the area and it had been hit with such force that it was dragged into the middle of the road.

“It makes me absolutely furious; we are just law-abiding people, I want those responsible to take ownership.

“I couldn’t have pulled a runner in this situation, if I did this to someone, I’d leave my car plate with them at least.

“You just have to own up, there is just no way you could not have noticed that.”

The crash took place in the early hours of Sunday, May 5, and despite a week of searching for answers Mr Underhill is none the wiser about what happened.

He added that he had similar issues in the road a year and a half ago, when a driver lost control of their vehicle and collided with his car and two others. On that occasion the driver took responsibility.

“That driver didn’t run away and frustratingly there are no cameras on the road that have caught the car. I am protected right now by a no claims bonus but if I cannot find who is responsible, I will be taking the blame,” he added.

“It feels like this has been happening more and more regularly and something needs to be done to stem problems with dangerous driving.”