TWO Lebanese loop devices at cash machines have been found in Billericay as police issue advice. 

Essex Police say over the weekend, two Lebanese loop devices were found at cash machines in Billericay. 

They add that it is the simplest form to commit fraud. 

The devices are described as a strip or sleeve of metal or plastic which blocks the ATM's card slot.

This causes any inserted card to be apparently retained by the machine, allowing it to be retrieved by the fraudster when the card holder leaves.

Essex Police say possible signs of this fraud can include glue, adhesive tape or other signs of tampering.

They also add: "Check the Card-reader overlays, if they are loose don't use the machine and inform the bank.

"Before inserting your card, look at the card reader for signs it has been altered, loose, crooked, damaged and if your card doesn't easily slide into the machine.

"If you see anything unusual about the cash machine or it’s been tampered with, don’t use it and report it to the bank as soon as possible."