HEARTFELT tributes have been paid to a “beautiful soul with a heart of gold” after she suddenly died after suffering a blood clot.

The devastated family of Sarah Dixon, 42, have revealed she tragically passed away last week from an undetected pulmonary embolism that “took her life in the blink of an eye”.

Now, sister Claire Nimki has launched a fundraiser in the hope of helping to pay for a funeral for Sarah, from Benfleet, and “give her the burial and send-off that my mum and dad want to give her more than anything right now”.

Echo: Family - Claire and Sarah will members of their family Family - Claire and Sarah will members of their family (Image: Claire Nimki)

The family believe the pulmonary embolism - a blood clot in the lung - was linked to a fracture in Sarah’s foot which she suffered weeks earlier.

Claire said: “Her sudden passing has left our whole family in complete shock and disbelief and sheer devastation and much pain in our hearts.

“My parents are both in absolute pieces, with the biggest broken hearts from losing their daughter so young, so suddenly.

“There is a feeling of deep loss, of pain and emptiness, numbness and so many more awful feelings.

“It’s just so tragic that words cannot describe.

Echo: Sister - Sarah DixonSister - Sarah Dixon (Image: Claire Nimki)

“Sarah was a beautiful soul with a heart of gold, who touched so many hearts with love and filled our hearts with love and joy as she did so many others.

“Life can be so unpredictable and extremely unfair and cruel, when the ones we love are taken in a blink of a eye, at such a young age of just 42.”

Claire is going to be taking on a challenge in memory of Sarah, which involves doing 42 squats and 42 push-ups for 30 days and will also be taking on a 42-mile walk over that same time period.

Echo: Sisters - Claire and Sarah Sisters - Claire and Sarah (Image: Claire Nimki)

She added: “My dad, who is 72, wants to do the 42 mile over the month challenge too, which is amazing for him to want to walk this far in aid of his daughter.

“I’m proud of my dad as he has dementia and a heart condition.

“Suffering such a sudden, huge loss, which has left a massive hole in the hearts of our family and friends, will never be fixed.

“But the comfort of Sarah getting the send-off with a funeral she deserves, would just be so amazing.”

Visit www.gofundme.com/f/sarah-dixon-passed-away-suddenly-aged-just-42-forever-loved