A FORMER Labour councillor has claimed she was left feeling suicidal after being suspended by the party.

Kathy Murphy has sat as a non-aligned councillor for St Luke’s since she was suspended following a “misconduct complaint” at the Labour Conference in September 2022.

On Friday, Ms Murphy claimed the suspension had now been “lifted” and she decided to resign to continue as a non-aligned councillor.

However, the Labour Party has stated its national executive committee found her “behaviour and conduct” fell below the standard expected and as a result she is “no longer of member of Southend Labour”.

She said: “I challenged my fellow delegate on voting without including me when the process clearly states delegates should vote together. For 19 months, the case dragged on with little contact, finally concluding a short time ago.

“This whole experience has negatively impacted on my mental health, to the point I reached suicidal ideation in summer last year. I only had one phone call with their national safeguarding team whilst the Southend Labour Group were permitted to continue to ostracise and shun me. The Labour Party did nothing to protect me.”

Six female councillors have resigned from the Southend Labour group in recent years. The group also faced criticism following the deselection of councillors, Aston line and former leader Stephen George.

Mr George launched a scathing attack on the Labour leadership citing bullying, misogyny and a toxic culture.

Ms Murphy said: “I agree with what was said because of my own experiences which I have made known to the party over the past few years which they failed to properly investigate.

“The party is not safe for me, and I have concerns that it is not a safe space for socialists and those with left leaning views.”

Southend Labour leader Daniel Cowan said: “We are very happy with our group. We’re the largest group we’ve ever been.”

A Labour spokesperson said: “A panel of Labour’s national executive committee found that Kathy Murphy’s behaviour and conduct fell below the standard expected of elected representatives of the Labour Party.

"As a result Ms Murphy is no longer a member of Southend Labour Group. She was informed of this April 22.”