“MINDLESS” vandals have been slammed after hurling a brick into the front window of a bakery.

Richard Wiblin, manager at the Upper Crust Bakery, in North Street, Rochford, arrived at the business on Saturday morning to find a brick on the floor and the window of his business smashed.

The repair fee for the “shameless” attack is an estimated £200, which Richard fears his small business may struggle to deal with.

He is now considering installing additional to CCTV to protect his business, even though it will cost him even more money.

The attack is the latest in a growing list of incidence, with the Post Office in Rochford left with a boarded-up window after a similar incident.

Earlier this year Kendricks Barbers, which is almost opposite Upper Crust, was targeted by burglars who smashed its window.

He said: “It’s been a total nightmare; I have had to deal with constant enquiries into the damage caused and we can’t get the door repaired until insurance take a look at it.

“We are expecting a fee of £200 on the door and it will have long term impacts on the business due to us claiming on our insurance. The attack is just utterly mindless.

“It would be really useful if there was more CCTV across Rochford. It needs to be brought back and installed along the shops.

“My CCTV failed to capture the crooks who did it because it is motion based, they were gone after the attack due to the camera distance.”

Mr Wiblin has reported the incident to Essex Police.

Despite the attack, Mr Wiblin is “thankful that the brick didn’t smash through the front of the business” but has emphasised the additional impact it will have on the independent business.

“It’s going to be a major extra cost and as a fully independent business, we are more badly impacted by acts of vandalism than others,” he said.

“Similar attacks have happened with the Post Office and Kendricks, it is infuriating.”

Contact Essex Police on 101 with information.