A 13-year-old boy was “beaten, kicked and punched in the face” in a shocking attack on a Canvey beach.

Miller Starling, 13, was left with a swollen and bruised cheek after being set upon by two “older boys” on Thorney Bay Beach on Sunday at 6pm.

The youngster’s mum fears her son was victim of a case of mistaken identity and revealed he was stamped on, kicked, and ended up with a concussion.

The youngster’s concussion was so bad he was left vomiting and requiring hospital treatment in the aftermath of the attack.

Police are investigating the assault and enquiries remain ongoing.

Abbie has slammed the attackers and spoken of her horror at seeing her son’s injuries.

She said: “I am utterly appalled, he was with a group of mates when it happened and they just attacked him, young and defenceless.

“There are no words, as a mother you let your child go out into the world to get a bit of confidence by going out with their friends.

“If this is a case of mistaken identity, still to do something like this to a young boy is disgusting.

“He was hit with a key, what is to say that it might not be a knife next time?”

Abbie added that Miller has been left “terrified and worried” following the attack and has refused to go into school out of fear that one of the attackers or a relative of one may be there.

“He just won’t go into school, he is utterly terrified,” she said.

“I want the attackers to know this isn’t some victimless crime, he was throwing up from the concussion he was given and his cheek bone is protruding out from where he was hit.

“There is a large bruise from the key and his jaw is swollen, he is just lucky there isn’t a broken bone.

“You never expect when you let your son go out to get a call from his mates in tears telling me that Miller was attacked.

“Police must do something.”

A police spokesman said: “We are investigating an assault reported to have taken place at Thorney Bay Road, Canvey on Sunday May 19 at around 6pm.

“A teenage boy reported he was assaulted by two people.

“Our enquiries continue.”