A “LARGE brawl” broke out in a Benfleet pub beer garden, leaving customers “in tears”.

Police were called to the Hoy and Helmet pub, in Benfleet High Street, on Saturday night as a fight broke out during the Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk boxing match.

According to reports of on social media, the brawl broke out in the beer garden and customers were left “shaking and in tears” and claimed they have “never experienced something so scary”.

Bosses at the pub, managed by Greene King, confirmed they called emergency services and at one point where forced to turn off the boxing match and ask a group of people to leave.

Residents on social media claimed other customers were “running” out of the pub as the fight broke out.

Andrew Sheldon, Essex County Council councillor responsible for South Benfleet, said: “It is a shame that a minority of people spoilt the evening with their unacceptable behaviour.

“I am pleased the police were involved quickly.

“The Hoy is one of a number of excellent pubs we have in the town and residents deserve to be able to enjoy a night out in Benfleet without having to put up with drunk and violent behaviour.”

Back in August 2022, the Hoy and Helmet banned all under-21s from the pub after a “50-man brawl” broke up in a beer garden before spilling out into the street.

Just months ago, the popular pub also re-opened after a six-figure refurbishment.

The pub unveiled an outdoor bar, new toilets, and a massive new TV.

A spokesperson for the Hoy and Helmet said: “We have a proud history of showing live sport in our pub and have rigorous plans in place to manage these events efficiently and safely.

“The majority who visited on Saturday night did so responsibly and in good spirits but unfortunately there were a minority who were disruptive.

“People’s safety is our top priority and so we turned off the screen, asked some individuals to leave and also contacted police.”

Essex Police has been contacted for comment by the Echo but are yet to respond.