Storm conditions are expected to ease over the bank holiday weekend with some areas seeing highs of 23C, the Met Office has said.

Forecasters say all regions of the UK will see some dry spells over the weekend, with the sunniest and driest periods coming on Saturday.

So as families flock to Southend's beaches to enjoy the bank holiday weekend and the start of the half term, here is day-by-day weather forecast for the city this weekend:


7am - 13C with sunny intervals

10am - 17C and sunny

1pm - 18C and sunny

4pm - 19C with sunny intervals

7pm - 18C and sunny

10pm - 15C and cloudy


7am - 14C with a 90 per cent chance of heavy showers

10am - 16C with a 60 per cent chance of heavy showers

1pm - 18C with a 60 per cent chance of heavy showers

4pm - 18C with light showers

7pm - 17C and sunny

10pm - Clear night, 15C


7am - 13C with sunny intervals

10am - 15C with sunny intervals

1pm - 16C and cloudy

4pm - 16C with light showers

7pm - 16C with sunny intervals

10pm - Clear night and 14C

'Improved picture'

Met Office meteorologist Amy Bokota said conditions will improve over the bank holiday, with some areas seeing highs of 23C on Saturday.

She told the PA news agency: “The low pressure is expected to east away on Friday. It will be a touch cooler than the last couple days and parts of the north east and Scotland will see showers. On the whole it is an improved picture.

“Things will improve as we head into Saturday morning. Wind will ease and it will be a pretty good day across the board.

“Scotland will see a few showers but the bulk of the UK will see brighter spells. The best will be 22-23C across the south of England and London.”