“OUTRAGEOUS” tourists and visitors have been slammed for “disrespectful behaviour” by flouting a ban on barbecues on Shoebury East Beach.

Over the bank holiday weekend, pictures were shared on social media highlighting people using barbecues on the beach and surrounding green space.

Southend Council banned all barbecues, both disposable and in pits on East Beach, in July last year following years of mounting pressure from residents.

Residents began campaigning for the ban following a series of injuries, fires and damage to public benches, leading to a public space protection order being put in place.

Anyone found having a barbecue could be issued a fine by Southend Council.

Martin Terry, Independent Southend councillor responsible for public safety, is set to press for action with the council’s community safety team as the weather warms up.

He said: “This is problem with some of the day-trippers we get to town. They flaunt our facilities.

“I will be making sure the community safety officers are dealing with this and picking up on it.

“It is early doors, and it doesn’t surprise me. It is disrespectful behaviour that needs to be stopped. We will be focusing on this.

“We have had cases of children being burnt by hot coals being left. One was even buried in the sand and a child stood on it.

“It is outrageous behaviour. I will make sure our community safety team are focused on this now the hot weather is coming.”

The ban was introduced in 2022, includes potentially dangerous disposable barbecues which have led to children being injured on the seafront.

Back in summer of 2021, a child was left screaming in agony after stepping where a disposable barbecue with searing hot coals had been on the beach.

The two-year-old suffered singed feet that were covered in blisters after walking where a “boiling hot” tin barbecue had been, unbeknown to her.

“NO BBQ” signs have been point at key entrance points to East Beach, including the walkthrough from the train station and on the sides of public toilets when the ban was put in place.