SAILORS in Southend have been issued a warning over unexploded ordnance discovered in the Thames Esturary.

A "Notice to Mariners" has been issued to vessels operating in the Thames Estuary near Nore Sands due to unexploded ordnance having been found.

This location is closer to the Kent side of the estuary than the Southend side, but the coastguard in Southend has warned any mariners planning to navigate in this area.

A HM Coastguard spokesman said: "This only impacts any vessels that were to operate out of Southend intending to navigate in this area as an advisory notice to stay clear as directed by the Notice to Mariners.

"Because such items can be so dangerous, if you ever see something suspicious or out of the ordinary on the beach or in the sea, do not touch it, move it or take it home.

"If you are unsure, let the experts decide if it is safe. Move to a safe space and call 999 and ask for the Coastguard so our teams can investigate."

Vessels are advised to keep at least 100m clear of the area at all times, and are cautioned against anchoring, trawling or otherwise interacting with the seabed in the location of the unexploded device.

The specific location is Latitude 51˚ 28’.72 N Longitude 000˚ 44’.60 E.