Children and young people breaking into the construction site of a new skate park could “face serious injury”, a councillor has warned.

The new Billericay skate park, in Lake Meadows is two weeks from completion but has recently suffered a number of break-ins by avid young skaters despite the site being surrounded by tall metal fencing and in an unfinished state.

Images shared on social media show skaters enjoying the new concrete skate park alongside “dangerous” diggers and construction equipment which remains in the skating area.

Billericay town council independent vice chairman, Jim Devlin, has warned that skaters face a “high chance of serious injuries” and has called for patience.

He said: “If skaters are trying to use the park before it is finished, it never will be and they could damage it.

“It isn’t designed to be used yet, it is partially finished and there is a high risk of serious injury, they need to stay away from what is a construction site.

“If they damage the site, it will take longer before they get what they want and we can finish the skate park.”

Mr Devlin added that the previous skate park in Billericay faced issues with damage caused by young people and this replacement needs to be preserved.

“It was costing us thousands to repair the old skate park, it was being continually wrecked and the company maintaining it couldn’t anymore.

“The concrete park should fix that problem but if it is used before it is ready, it could break and it will be difficult to repair.”

Billericay West councillor, Phil Turner, who had a role in the planning of the skate park, has said that the council has been asked to provide security on the site.

He said: “We have asked the council to make sure the fences are securely fastened and to get some security there.

“We don’t want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment but we don’t want people to get hurt, it will be an amazing asset and it is long overdue so please, lets get it finished and take the machinery and fences away.

“Then it is over to them and they can enjoy it to their wits end.”