A COUPLE have fulfilled their life-long dream after opening their own "gourmet" pizza parlour.

Pizza Paradise, at Basildon market, is run by Timea and Sabi Salamon and offers "unique and delectable flavours" including Wagyu beef, chicken Teriyaki and lamb toppings.

Sabi has spent the last ten years working in London and worked with "some of the best chefs in the industry" before losing his job five months ago.

New - Pizza ParadiseNew - Pizza Paradise (Image: Timea Salamon)

At that point he decided to embark on his "dream venture" of owning his own pizza parlous.

“Over the past decade I have had the privilege of learning from the best chefs in the industry,” the 35-year-old Basildon resident said.

“I have been dreaming of opening my own shop for the last 10 years and I am incredibly excited to finally bring my vision to life and share my passion for pizza.”

Sabi is helped out by his wife, Timea, 35, who is handling the business side of the business while being on maternity leave from her job in London.

The mum-of-two said the decision to open the shop was a difficult one which they hope will pay off.

Dream - the couple sell 'gourmet' pizzasDream - the couple sell 'gourmet' pizzas (Image: Timea Salamon)

“We have poured our savings into this little shop in the market and we wanted to do this because he can create very beautiful food.

"This year has been challenging but I will do my best to support him every step of the way because that’s what family means to us.

“So far we’ve had loads of customers come and tell us that they love our food and if it keeps going well hopefully we can expand.

“I think our quality is what sets us apart from the rest and we hope we can bring something different.”

Pizza Paradise Basildon is open on from 12pm to 9pm on all days, except Wednesday.

It currently operates mainly as a takeaway but also has a small dining area with four tables.